Fight as one!

Back to Athlanor

Once we were provisioned we set out that late morning, Ristelle promised us a much shorter trip saying he knew many short cuts back to his enclave known only to one with the skills of a Elvish ranger, plus we would no longer be traveling with an entire caravan which had made our first trip so long. While traveling back with my two companions I began to see if I could figure out any more information about my gnomish companion. Ristelle was much easier to figure out he was helping us out of some sense of honor and because he believed as I did that soon there would be a war that could ruin all of Faerun unless all of the races united against our common foe. But, my nameless bardic gnome companion still was much of an enigma to me, I know he had as much of his memory as I did, still he would prattle on about this or that never truly revealing his feelings or anything about his past much less his name. I trusted the little fellow with my life though as I am sure he trusted me, still I wondered when he would begin to open up to me. I was feeling I was missing something about that riddle the priest gave us as well as the cleric of Dumathion whose cryptic remark kept following me into my dreams every night.

A few days out from the elven enclave we encountered a foul abomination called a Tendriculos that Ristelle immediately went after some sort of warped tree creature. Ristelle was using his bow as I closed on the beast when suddenly it grabbed my legs with long plant like arms pulling me towards it’s mouth, I could not break free and my short sword was having little effect on the monster’s appendage. Just as I was saying my prayer to Moradin the gnomish bard’s magic kicked in and as the creature tried to bite me I literally squirted out of the monster’s hold, Ristelle was still pegging the beast with arrow after arrow. Though they seemed to have little or no affect on the beast. Ristelle’s wolf companion Loki was having much better success as it sank it’s teeth time and again into the beast’s body, but finally it too was caught and being pulled into it’s gaping maw. I finally regained my balance and while the beast was preoccupied with Ristelle’s wolf, proceeded to hew and slash into the back of the beast for all I was worth with my short sword. This time I was causing the foul monster pain as was Ristelle, his arrows now seemed to be hurting the beast combined with my sword strokes, still the beast kept pulling Loki into it’s mouth when again our gnomish companion cast another spell that made Loki slip out of the creature’s limb. Once Loki was freed Ristelle and I were able to make quick work of the beast, after the battle Ristelle pointed me towards a small creek and I washed the foul beastie’s slime off me and setting up camp I thanked my companion’s slapping my gnomish companion on the back for a job well done. He of course had by now made up some songs of our travails, giving us all a good laugh for the evening. A couple of days later we made our way into Athlanor the Elven enclave still having no luck deciphering the riddle of the divination. My nameless gnome companion took the name of Thorvald after a elven name he heard (I now called him Thorvald the nameless gnome), we were able to find out that there was a traveling bardic gnome who had also been a Great One called Stolig the Road Weary, who had also come from the same area as my friend Thorvald the nameless gnome.

Resting for a few days we still had no luck with the divination even with the elvish help, a trader by the name of Yoseff sought us out though asking for our help in defeating a juvenile green dragon, that had been raiding in the area he traveled that had killed some of his friends and other adventurer’s he had been traveling with at the same time. He promised he would outfit us with better equipment and weapons to help fight the dragon, he also introduced two other elven volunteers from Athlanor, along with Yosef that gave us a total of 6 to go against the dragon, knowing our funds were getting low and also relishing the idea of going against a dragon (at least Ristelle and I were, Thorvald was another matter) we agreed to set out in two days time to battle a dragon.

To meet a King!

Still drenched from sweat and fatigue running through our bodies we were finally escorted to see King Joyan Brightblade, he was a very stout looking Dwarf maybe a couple of inches bigger than me, wearing a suit of armor spotted with blood here and there (even he had partaken of this battle), he had black hair turning grey at the edges and a black beard (turning grey towards his face) tied in long strands on each side of his chin. He had eyes the color of steel that seemed to look right through you, as he put down a map he had been studying he came forward giving each of us a warrior’s hand shake thanking us for helping save two of his dwarven miners. (His voice was a deep baritone that seemed to suit the Dwarven King), then turning towards me he asked “So Pandar Silversmith you seem to remind of someone I once knew, I believe he was a Great One or so I suspect, but enough of that, why do you beg an audience of me young dwarf?” Looking the King in the eye I began to tell him of the travels of my two companions and myself and how I believe it was so important not only for a Dwarven/Elf alliance, but to have the race of men involved as well otherwise the whole of Faerun will be over-run by the Drow or Dark Ones. A big sigh escaped his lips as he tugged on the end of his beard as he spoke “Ah, the foolishness of youth now I know why you remind of one of this Great One not only in looks as well as actions. Pandar do ye not think I have tried to ask for help from not only Elves, but men as well still none have headed our call, at this point I do not believe they ever will for that matter.” As he looked at Ristelle, I also turned to him as I spoke up “Do each of you not see what will happen, first a small elven conclave here or there, then some dwarven delves soon the rest of Faerun will follow just because the races were too stubborn to help!” (wiping a hand over my face) I turned back to the King asking how many men had he lost so far he stated “We have lost almost a hundred dwarves in this last attack, and we our only 300 strong to begin with, (a look of shock over my face) so yes Pandar I will send out more runners to other Dwarven delves as well as to elves and men, but I expect no help will be forthcoming.” Answering the King I said “Why not send your people in this delve to another Dwarven delve, surely someone would help you?” As the King returned to studying his map again he looked up saying “I am sorry young Pandar, but we will not abandon our home, I already have miners going down and we are going to collapse the deep tunnels and mines, hopefully that will keep out any further attacks for now.” _Shaking my head my companions and I turned to go, but the King said _“Pandar you and your companions should look for the Great One’s, I believe ye may find the answers you seek by solving the riddle of their disappearance, they were a group of different races made of various classes of Faerun, who also believed as you and your companions do, by finding them or what happened to them you might find out about your past as well. Good luck to you all.”

We exited the King’s chamber and proceeded to go see the clerics of Moradin, maybe there we could find a clue, entering their temple we escorted to see the head priest and as our reputation seemed to have proceeded us he gave us an audience rather quickly (it also helped I was a acolyte of Moradin as well). We explained to him about King Joyan telling us to seek the Great One’s, he cast a divination spell for us saying “The answers you seek are found were we began, go back to the very beginning to the next step on your path.” Scratching our heads we thanked the priest and making a small donation on the way out of the temple we decided that since it began with the bardic gnome and myself we would go back towards the elven enclave and the drow prison we were captured in, but first we had to get supplies. As we were leaving a priest of Dumathion came up to me and said “I might be interested in his religion, the god of Keeper of Secrets under the Mountain.” I told him I was a follower of Moradin and he shrugged his shoulders saying “One never knows when a change might happen.” Still not sure what to make of that I caught up with my companions and luckily our nameless gnome companion was very good at bargaining as he arranged for supplies and such to return us back to the Elven enclave.

Fighting in the Dwarven Stronghold!!

As Dwarves were running to and fro we asked if we could help a dwarf pointed us in the direction of general Hammer saying “Go see him, if he wants the lot of you he will tell ye were to go.” As we proceeded to the general another Dwarf intercepted us saying “He is too busy for the like of you, Lt. Borfdunk will send ye down in the mines just go where he send ye, and try not to get yer selves killed.” Finding the Lt. he told us to go to tunnel 183, readying our weapons and armor we ran with other dwarves as they told us to follow the signs and finding the correct tunnel the three of us went into a long walkway were we encountered Troglodytes servants of the Drow. A lizard type creature, they gave off some sort of god awful stench, which they used as a attack, this smell affected even me even though I was a dwarf as well as my gnomish companion. Our elven companion Ristelle was not affected and was able to hit the creatures from afar with his precision bow shots, with his help we were able to fend off the first wave of these creatures. Calling on Moradin to heal our wounds we proceeded further into the tunnel, we saw another Troglodyte dressed in robes running around a corner fearing some sort of trap my gnomish companion was able to use his musical abilities to counteract the effects of the magic the Troglodyte was trying to use against us, which allowed myself and Ristelle to finish off not only him, but another similar dressed Troglodyte waiting to harm us as well.

As we entered a room at the end of the tunnel we found the remains of one Dwarf being roasted over a fire and two other dwarves still being held captive, giving thanks to Moradin we were able to save at least these two souls. The dwarven miners thanked us as we took down the roasting dwarf and returning back up the passage with the miners just as the sounds of alarm died down, the Drow beaten back for now. Using what healing skills I had left the rest of the afternoon was spent helping any and all wounded at last the day ended with myself and my companions being granted an audience to see the King for helping the Dwarves fend off the Dark One’s..

Elven or Dwarven Help??

Ristelle took us back to the Elven conclave introducing us to the King and Queen letting them know we were the one’s responsible for helping to return not only the Crown of Knowledge, but that we helped in returning the elven gem (which worked) that kept knowledge of any individual’s memory who had there memory wiped by the evil Drow magic’s. Thanking us they gave gifts of food and also weapons and some armor with which to equip ourselves. While in the Elven compound I noticed a party of Dwarves that was storming out of the conclave, finding Ristelle he told me the Dwarves where headed back to their mountain stronghold angry because the Elves refused to help them and they refused to help the elves. My mind still could not comprehend what was happening here, the two races needed each other if they were going to survive any assault coming from the Drow as well as getting the aid of humans to fight an impending battle that was going to be threatening the very continent of Faerun.

Finding my nameless gnome companion and Ristelle, we decided to go after the Dwarven party to see if some sense could be talked into their thick skulls, even though I was young I could still see what was going to happen if the two races would not co-operate with each other. since it was such a large party we quickly caught up with them after a few hours and approaching the rear guard one of the Dwarves came up to me asking what we wanted I told him I would like to speak with the Dwarvish ambassador, looking me up and down he said “The ambassador was a busy man and had no time to talk to young foolish dwarves as myself.” I told the guard “I was a cleric of Moradin and would like an audience with the ambassador”, mentioning Moradin had a good effect as the guard left and coming back a short time later told me to follow him and that the others had to stay back behind the caravan but could follow along. Nodding to my companions I walked behind the guard seeing many dwarves as we passed them some young, but many at least 20 to 30 years older than me a good number of them priests of Moradin, making the sign of Moradin which I returned in kind. In the middle of the caravan I approached the ambassador a small dwarf but very stout a long white beard neatly trimmed dressed in dwarven chain mail and robes on the outside of his armor. He acknowledged my presence then asked “So, young Pandar is it? What brings you to me today traveling with such strange company?” I explained to him about being captured by the drow and my subsequent escape and the help of the Elven prisoner and that of my nameless gnome companion. Then I asked him why they were refusing to help the elves and he told me of how they had asked for help and received none from not only elves but men as well, speaking with what I could only assume to be Moradin’s spirit the ambassador agreed to let myself and my companions come to meet King Joyan Brightblade to plead our case to see if the elves and dwarves might work together.

The trip took 2 seven days to make it all the way back to the Dwarven stronghold as we traveled to wile away the time I would go to the dwarven caravan during the day learning and talking of Moradin while at night I would come back to my companions and tell the bardic gnome of dwarven way of life and spend the rest of the evening sparring with Ristelle. Ristelle was so impressed with my skills he crafted a bow for me as one day during the trip myself, Ristelle and the nameless gnome ended up encountered a dire boar. Luckily we had Ristelle and his wolf companion Loki, as Ristelle saved my life and with the help of the nameless gnome’s spells we were able to overcome the foul beast.

Finally our journey ended as we came to the gates of the Dwarven Stronghold, just then as we entered through the gates the sounds of alarms were raised as the Dwarves said they were being attacked by Dark Elves in the lower tunnels.!!!

The adventure begins

Upon awakening, I looked around momentarily forgetting where I was, then the memories came flooding back to me of being in a cell fighting our way out, then it hit me I remembered my name and what I was anyway. I looked to the nameless gnome blurting out in excitement “My name, my name is Pandar Silversmith I am a fighter/cleric of Moradin. But, that is all I can remember at this point (looking at the gnome) and you surely you must know who you are?” The gnome looked at me for a moment before stating “Well my name is still missing, but my profession is a bard a wandering minstrel of sorts.” Looking down at him I patted him on the shoulder “Well, nameless gnome is how I shall call you then agreed.” Clasping his arm in a warriors arm shake “At least I can help with any wounds now if need be and mayhaps you can also cast some spells if needed. So what instrument do you play? Lute, pipes, small harp perhaps?” The gnome looked up as we were walking then looking at me finally answered, “I play a concertina.”

As we kept walking along the river’s edge I looked about the area keeping a wary eye out for any dangers then said to him “I am sorry friend gnome, but I have no idea what that is?” He shrugged his shoulders saying “No offense Pandar it is not a common instrument among bards and takes quite a good deal of skill to master.” Stopping for a break and some water I replied “Ah, well I am sure you are very good, too bad you could not find a way to get us some grub, because my stomach is already telling me it is well past time for lunch and breakfast, you would not believe how hard it is for a dwarf to stay in fighting shape.” Laughing I added “That also includes drinking various amounts of ale to make sure I stay well hydrated, water is okay, but a dwarf does not live by water alone.”

Looking around I looked at the two of us, we were both scratched and bruised from our previous excursions, dressed in our breeches and boots, no shirts and our lone weapon was a battle axe I stole off the gnoll. Sighing, I pushed myself to my feet and helped the gnome up “Well lets hope another day or so to find this elven kingdom, and get some real food, it is hard to believe that elf thought that gem you are carrying was worth dying for to get back to his people. But, I guess anything that could stop the dark elves would be worth dying for, I just wish I could remember more of who I am and where I was from?”

We stopped for the night, this time I did my watch without falling asleep then I awoke the gnome while he stood the next watch, when he woke me in the morning I was hoping to have some new insight into myself, but nothing was forthcoming and looking over at the gnome it was apparent his memory also had not returned. Still the day at least dawned brighter and kneeling beside the river’s edge I said my daily prayers to Moradin asking his forgiveness for losing my holy symbol and hoping he might see his way clear to help with regaining my memories and my traveling companion’s as well. Once done I decided to see if I could heal the wounds I received in the battle back at the mountain and was relieved to see Moradin did not abandon me. I also healed the minor cuts on the gnome as we again followed the river, my stomach was growling louder as lunchtime came and went, every so often the gnome looked at me and all I could do was small at him assuring him he was not the type of food I was looking for.

Another couple hours past mid-day the gnome heard something coming from the woods, motioning to me we went further in and there were clearly sounds of combat coming ahead of us, crouching we saw a clearing ahead of us and there were 4 adventurers fighting a owl bear, one was clearly dead lying on the ground, a cleric and fighter were battling the creature just as another of their party was crushed by the creature, seeing this group fight the creature, I jumped up and charged the beast, just as it hit the fighter knocking him into the cleric making them both fall to the ground, I swung my battle axe into the creature’s exposed flank a mighty thwack being heard as the blade bit deep into the creature’s flesh, howling with rage it swung it’s arm knocking me into the air it’s claws raking my chest. The creature turned back to the fighter and cleric and grabbing the fighter by his arm tore the man’s arm from his socket blood flying into the air, the cleric swinging his mace at the monster hit it’s head badly and was then soundly knocked back towards the gnome who was trying to see if there was a weapon he could pick up and use to fight the beast. The fighter collapsed on the ground his blood pooling onto the forest floor beside him, regaining my feet I charged the beast again and dodging it’s feeble blows was able to land another hit into it’s side as two arrows came flying out of the woods felling the beast, then the cleric getting to his feet began running away just as two more arrows flew into his back killing him, not knowing what was going on I dived for cover behind the dead beast as did the gnome behind one of adventurer’s fallen bodies. Glancing up the gnome yelled “Wait, we did nothing wrong, we were just trying to defeat that foul best who was attacking this party.” receiving no answer he ducked behind the body and looking at me shrugged his shoulders, looking at him with a quizzical look I looked up over the beast and saw a elf come striding out of the woods he was dressed in green leathers and beside him walked a very large wolf, as he slung his bow across his shoulders he reached for his short sword and stepping to the fighter drove the blade into his heart. Looking at me then plus at the gnome the elf replied “Rise, rise good sirs, my quarrel was not with you but, (the elf pointed to each of the bodies) these four ruffians who stole our Crown of Knowledge, I was charged with finding them and bringing back our treasure at any and all costs.” Rising slowly the gnome and myself looked at the elf he seemed to be telling the truth and had put away his sword so I went up to him introducing myself as “Pandar Silversmith from Stormbrin (another memory back), and this is my companion the nameless gnome a wandering minstrel.”

The elf looked at us both and I then told him how we had been captured and had been put in a cell with another elf by the name of Phalenor and that we were looking for the Elven Kingdom of Athlamor. The elf looked shocked when I mentioned Phalenor’s name and wanted to know how he died, allowing the gnome to continue the story I went and found some trail rations that one of the adventurer’s had on them and ate till it quelled my stomach’s cries of hunger. After the gnome was finished the elf looked at us and said we could take anything we needed from the dead bodies and accompany him back to see his King and Queen who would also like to know first hand what had happened to Phalenor and that the gem their magic-users had been working on did work. The gnome and I combed the bodies getting rations and other essential gear as the elf who said his name was Ristelle said to leave the bodies for the predators of the forest completing nature’s cycle, plus he felt no need to bury these thieving scum.

The gnome found the crown on one of the bodies giving it to Ristelle, who gave his thanks and then we journeyed another day to the Elven Kingdom of Athlamor being taken into the elven enclave.

End of 2nd Act.

What happened??

I awoke confused not knowing what day, night, time it was or even who I was, confused and trying to get my bearings I looked at my surroundings seeing a medium sized cell about 20’ by 20’, there where two others in the cell with me a gnome and elf, no bedding and one bucket holding stale water. I went to the bucket and drank my fill, looking outside the cell I saw a gnoll guard as he looked at us saying it was no use to even think about escaping as we were going to be well taken care of, snarlinh he showed a battle axe before laughing with a yipping sound. A 2nd guard walked by every so many minutes keeping a eye on all of us. I then walked over to the elf as he called myself and the gnome over to him, upon approaching him he said his name was Phalenor and that the gnome and myself and elf had been captured by dark elves (drow) who had used some sort of magic on us that wiped our memories from us, he (the elf) had a gem that kept his memories till he was alone to call them back to his mind. At first I was not sure what to make of this, but his argument was persuasive and the gnome and myself agreed to help him escape as long as we were included also.

The first problem was not having any weapons of any sort and to top it off the gnome did not know if he could fight and neither did I, but to get myself out of this cell I was willing to help at any and all costs as I agreed to go after the 1st gnoll as I was obviously the strongest, the gnoll was facing partly away from us in a chair, he held his battle axe against the chair and we waited for what seemed an eternity till he began to fall asleep, as the 2nd guard passed by the cell we acted, Phalenor was able to open the lock and sneaking up on the guard I was able to grapple him in a choke hold while the gnome grabbed for the battle axe as Phalenor tried to hit him with his fists, missing with each blow, the gnome swung the battle axe almost hitting me instead of the gnoll, still we struggled against the gnoll begining to make more noise than was intended, finally Phalenor was able to strike the gnoll stunning him as the gnome handed me the battle axe, instinct plus years of training took over and I was able to swing and hit the gnoll hurting him, (I at least knew I was some sort of fighter then) when suddenly the 2nd gnoll charged into the fray, he swung his battle axe hitting me soundly, I shrugged off the hit and swung my weapon into the 1st gnoll striking him and followed through into the 2nd gnoll with the battle axe striking him just as badly as he hit me. The 1st gnoll dropped to the floor and the 2nd gnoll escaping the attacks of Phalenor and the gnome, proceeded to run away farther into the cavern, not even taking time to dispatch the downed gnoll we went running the opposite direction hoping this led to the outside, just as we spied a way out ahead of us two large figures stepped into the tunnel they were ogres.

Smilling I was running up to them when the gnome came flying by me and rolled under the legs of the 1st ogre and then hit the brute with his fists, bringing a smile to my face as I watched him. Not to be outdone Phalenor also outraced me to the big brute blocking the tunnel and hit him with his fists, all before I even had made it up to the ugly monster. The beast swung at the gnome with a giant club, but missed him as the gnome deftly dodged the blow, the elf Phalenor hit him again with his fists and I finally swung the battle axe hitting the brute slicing him a long gash down his stomach, the monster falling to the ground. Turning towards the 2nd advancing ogre, the gnome again struck first, but his blows bounced off the hide of the monster as did Phalenor’s, I was able to guide the battle axe into the leg of the monster, as it brought it’s club down on my exposed head, I was just able to move in time as the club grazed my head causing me to see stars, the gnome again worked wonders as he created sounds from down the tunnel saying “Hurry, hurry they need our help!” The ogre wasted little time as it turned tail running out of the cavern, this time I did not forget and completed the job of making sure that the 1st downed ogre would never trouble us again, burying the axe head into it’s chest.

As we went out of the cavern it was night time, Phalenor telling us to hurry, running blindly down a mountain, Phalenor called a moments respite as he explained about the gem saying he was captured on purpose so he could try out this gem that was invented by the elves at Athlamor? the name having no meaning for myself or the gnome. He told us how to make it back to the elvish land by following the river east towards the great forest, in case anything happened to him he made us swear to bring the gem back to his people so they would know that this gem did work as designed, but the gem would not restore our memories as it held only Phalenor’s at the time as we were captured after him. Swearing to Phalenor we began going down the mountain sliding and slipping our way down, just as we began to break though the pine trees onto a lower part of the mountain, the gnome and myself turned just as we heard a thwiip of a bow string sound and arrows began falling all around us, turning we made for the trees, but I saw Pahlenor get hit by a arrow in the back, by the time he made the trees he was foaming blood from his mouth. Phalenor could barely stand but he pressed the gem into the gnome’s hand and looking us both in the eyes said “Do not fail me in this, get the gem to my people, you will be rewarded, you can help keep the dark elves from taking our races as prisoners, hurry, hurry I will (coughing up more blood)delay them as long as I can.” Grabbing a stick on the ground, Phalenor gave some sort of Elven battle cry as he ran back up the slope of the mountain, the gnome and I ran as fast as our legs would carry us, stumbling and slipping the rest of the way down the slope till at last we made the river.

Throwing ourselves down at the river’s edge we both gulped down as much water as we could and hearing no more sounds of pursuit, we moved a little further down the river’s edge and collapsed on the ground, I volunteered to take first watch and as the gnome fell fast asleep the sun was just beginning to come up when I also slipped into a deep sleep. Some hours later when the sun was high I woke up as the gnome touched my shoulder telling me we needed to be moving on towards Athlamor.

end of act-1

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