Fight as one!

Elven or Dwarven Help??

Ristelle took us back to the Elven conclave introducing us to the King and Queen letting them know we were the one’s responsible for helping to return not only the Crown of Knowledge, but that we helped in returning the elven gem (which worked) that kept knowledge of any individual’s memory who had there memory wiped by the evil Drow magic’s. Thanking us they gave gifts of food and also weapons and some armor with which to equip ourselves. While in the Elven compound I noticed a party of Dwarves that was storming out of the conclave, finding Ristelle he told me the Dwarves where headed back to their mountain stronghold angry because the Elves refused to help them and they refused to help the elves. My mind still could not comprehend what was happening here, the two races needed each other if they were going to survive any assault coming from the Drow as well as getting the aid of humans to fight an impending battle that was going to be threatening the very continent of Faerun.

Finding my nameless gnome companion and Ristelle, we decided to go after the Dwarven party to see if some sense could be talked into their thick skulls, even though I was young I could still see what was going to happen if the two races would not co-operate with each other. since it was such a large party we quickly caught up with them after a few hours and approaching the rear guard one of the Dwarves came up to me asking what we wanted I told him I would like to speak with the Dwarvish ambassador, looking me up and down he said “The ambassador was a busy man and had no time to talk to young foolish dwarves as myself.” I told the guard “I was a cleric of Moradin and would like an audience with the ambassador”, mentioning Moradin had a good effect as the guard left and coming back a short time later told me to follow him and that the others had to stay back behind the caravan but could follow along. Nodding to my companions I walked behind the guard seeing many dwarves as we passed them some young, but many at least 20 to 30 years older than me a good number of them priests of Moradin, making the sign of Moradin which I returned in kind. In the middle of the caravan I approached the ambassador a small dwarf but very stout a long white beard neatly trimmed dressed in dwarven chain mail and robes on the outside of his armor. He acknowledged my presence then asked “So, young Pandar is it? What brings you to me today traveling with such strange company?” I explained to him about being captured by the drow and my subsequent escape and the help of the Elven prisoner and that of my nameless gnome companion. Then I asked him why they were refusing to help the elves and he told me of how they had asked for help and received none from not only elves but men as well, speaking with what I could only assume to be Moradin’s spirit the ambassador agreed to let myself and my companions come to meet King Joyan Brightblade to plead our case to see if the elves and dwarves might work together.

The trip took 2 seven days to make it all the way back to the Dwarven stronghold as we traveled to wile away the time I would go to the dwarven caravan during the day learning and talking of Moradin while at night I would come back to my companions and tell the bardic gnome of dwarven way of life and spend the rest of the evening sparring with Ristelle. Ristelle was so impressed with my skills he crafted a bow for me as one day during the trip myself, Ristelle and the nameless gnome ended up encountered a dire boar. Luckily we had Ristelle and his wolf companion Loki, as Ristelle saved my life and with the help of the nameless gnome’s spells we were able to overcome the foul beast.

Finally our journey ended as we came to the gates of the Dwarven Stronghold, just then as we entered through the gates the sounds of alarms were raised as the Dwarves said they were being attacked by Dark Elves in the lower tunnels.!!!



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