Fight as one!

Fighting in the Dwarven Stronghold!!

As Dwarves were running to and fro we asked if we could help a dwarf pointed us in the direction of general Hammer saying “Go see him, if he wants the lot of you he will tell ye were to go.” As we proceeded to the general another Dwarf intercepted us saying “He is too busy for the like of you, Lt. Borfdunk will send ye down in the mines just go where he send ye, and try not to get yer selves killed.” Finding the Lt. he told us to go to tunnel 183, readying our weapons and armor we ran with other dwarves as they told us to follow the signs and finding the correct tunnel the three of us went into a long walkway were we encountered Troglodytes servants of the Drow. A lizard type creature, they gave off some sort of god awful stench, which they used as a attack, this smell affected even me even though I was a dwarf as well as my gnomish companion. Our elven companion Ristelle was not affected and was able to hit the creatures from afar with his precision bow shots, with his help we were able to fend off the first wave of these creatures. Calling on Moradin to heal our wounds we proceeded further into the tunnel, we saw another Troglodyte dressed in robes running around a corner fearing some sort of trap my gnomish companion was able to use his musical abilities to counteract the effects of the magic the Troglodyte was trying to use against us, which allowed myself and Ristelle to finish off not only him, but another similar dressed Troglodyte waiting to harm us as well.

As we entered a room at the end of the tunnel we found the remains of one Dwarf being roasted over a fire and two other dwarves still being held captive, giving thanks to Moradin we were able to save at least these two souls. The dwarven miners thanked us as we took down the roasting dwarf and returning back up the passage with the miners just as the sounds of alarm died down, the Drow beaten back for now. Using what healing skills I had left the rest of the afternoon was spent helping any and all wounded at last the day ended with myself and my companions being granted an audience to see the King for helping the Dwarves fend off the Dark One’s..



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