Fight as one!

The adventure begins

Upon awakening, I looked around momentarily forgetting where I was, then the memories came flooding back to me of being in a cell fighting our way out, then it hit me I remembered my name and what I was anyway. I looked to the nameless gnome blurting out in excitement “My name, my name is Pandar Silversmith I am a fighter/cleric of Moradin. But, that is all I can remember at this point (looking at the gnome) and you surely you must know who you are?” The gnome looked at me for a moment before stating “Well my name is still missing, but my profession is a bard a wandering minstrel of sorts.” Looking down at him I patted him on the shoulder “Well, nameless gnome is how I shall call you then agreed.” Clasping his arm in a warriors arm shake “At least I can help with any wounds now if need be and mayhaps you can also cast some spells if needed. So what instrument do you play? Lute, pipes, small harp perhaps?” The gnome looked up as we were walking then looking at me finally answered, “I play a concertina.”

As we kept walking along the river’s edge I looked about the area keeping a wary eye out for any dangers then said to him “I am sorry friend gnome, but I have no idea what that is?” He shrugged his shoulders saying “No offense Pandar it is not a common instrument among bards and takes quite a good deal of skill to master.” Stopping for a break and some water I replied “Ah, well I am sure you are very good, too bad you could not find a way to get us some grub, because my stomach is already telling me it is well past time for lunch and breakfast, you would not believe how hard it is for a dwarf to stay in fighting shape.” Laughing I added “That also includes drinking various amounts of ale to make sure I stay well hydrated, water is okay, but a dwarf does not live by water alone.”

Looking around I looked at the two of us, we were both scratched and bruised from our previous excursions, dressed in our breeches and boots, no shirts and our lone weapon was a battle axe I stole off the gnoll. Sighing, I pushed myself to my feet and helped the gnome up “Well lets hope another day or so to find this elven kingdom, and get some real food, it is hard to believe that elf thought that gem you are carrying was worth dying for to get back to his people. But, I guess anything that could stop the dark elves would be worth dying for, I just wish I could remember more of who I am and where I was from?”

We stopped for the night, this time I did my watch without falling asleep then I awoke the gnome while he stood the next watch, when he woke me in the morning I was hoping to have some new insight into myself, but nothing was forthcoming and looking over at the gnome it was apparent his memory also had not returned. Still the day at least dawned brighter and kneeling beside the river’s edge I said my daily prayers to Moradin asking his forgiveness for losing my holy symbol and hoping he might see his way clear to help with regaining my memories and my traveling companion’s as well. Once done I decided to see if I could heal the wounds I received in the battle back at the mountain and was relieved to see Moradin did not abandon me. I also healed the minor cuts on the gnome as we again followed the river, my stomach was growling louder as lunchtime came and went, every so often the gnome looked at me and all I could do was small at him assuring him he was not the type of food I was looking for.

Another couple hours past mid-day the gnome heard something coming from the woods, motioning to me we went further in and there were clearly sounds of combat coming ahead of us, crouching we saw a clearing ahead of us and there were 4 adventurers fighting a owl bear, one was clearly dead lying on the ground, a cleric and fighter were battling the creature just as another of their party was crushed by the creature, seeing this group fight the creature, I jumped up and charged the beast, just as it hit the fighter knocking him into the cleric making them both fall to the ground, I swung my battle axe into the creature’s exposed flank a mighty thwack being heard as the blade bit deep into the creature’s flesh, howling with rage it swung it’s arm knocking me into the air it’s claws raking my chest. The creature turned back to the fighter and cleric and grabbing the fighter by his arm tore the man’s arm from his socket blood flying into the air, the cleric swinging his mace at the monster hit it’s head badly and was then soundly knocked back towards the gnome who was trying to see if there was a weapon he could pick up and use to fight the beast. The fighter collapsed on the ground his blood pooling onto the forest floor beside him, regaining my feet I charged the beast again and dodging it’s feeble blows was able to land another hit into it’s side as two arrows came flying out of the woods felling the beast, then the cleric getting to his feet began running away just as two more arrows flew into his back killing him, not knowing what was going on I dived for cover behind the dead beast as did the gnome behind one of adventurer’s fallen bodies. Glancing up the gnome yelled “Wait, we did nothing wrong, we were just trying to defeat that foul best who was attacking this party.” receiving no answer he ducked behind the body and looking at me shrugged his shoulders, looking at him with a quizzical look I looked up over the beast and saw a elf come striding out of the woods he was dressed in green leathers and beside him walked a very large wolf, as he slung his bow across his shoulders he reached for his short sword and stepping to the fighter drove the blade into his heart. Looking at me then plus at the gnome the elf replied “Rise, rise good sirs, my quarrel was not with you but, (the elf pointed to each of the bodies) these four ruffians who stole our Crown of Knowledge, I was charged with finding them and bringing back our treasure at any and all costs.” Rising slowly the gnome and myself looked at the elf he seemed to be telling the truth and had put away his sword so I went up to him introducing myself as “Pandar Silversmith from Stormbrin (another memory back), and this is my companion the nameless gnome a wandering minstrel.”

The elf looked at us both and I then told him how we had been captured and had been put in a cell with another elf by the name of Phalenor and that we were looking for the Elven Kingdom of Athlamor. The elf looked shocked when I mentioned Phalenor’s name and wanted to know how he died, allowing the gnome to continue the story I went and found some trail rations that one of the adventurer’s had on them and ate till it quelled my stomach’s cries of hunger. After the gnome was finished the elf looked at us and said we could take anything we needed from the dead bodies and accompany him back to see his King and Queen who would also like to know first hand what had happened to Phalenor and that the gem their magic-users had been working on did work. The gnome and I combed the bodies getting rations and other essential gear as the elf who said his name was Ristelle said to leave the bodies for the predators of the forest completing nature’s cycle, plus he felt no need to bury these thieving scum.

The gnome found the crown on one of the bodies giving it to Ristelle, who gave his thanks and then we journeyed another day to the Elven Kingdom of Athlamor being taken into the elven enclave.

End of 2nd Act.



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