Fight as one!

To meet a King!

Still drenched from sweat and fatigue running through our bodies we were finally escorted to see King Joyan Brightblade, he was a very stout looking Dwarf maybe a couple of inches bigger than me, wearing a suit of armor spotted with blood here and there (even he had partaken of this battle), he had black hair turning grey at the edges and a black beard (turning grey towards his face) tied in long strands on each side of his chin. He had eyes the color of steel that seemed to look right through you, as he put down a map he had been studying he came forward giving each of us a warrior’s hand shake thanking us for helping save two of his dwarven miners. (His voice was a deep baritone that seemed to suit the Dwarven King), then turning towards me he asked “So Pandar Silversmith you seem to remind of someone I once knew, I believe he was a Great One or so I suspect, but enough of that, why do you beg an audience of me young dwarf?” Looking the King in the eye I began to tell him of the travels of my two companions and myself and how I believe it was so important not only for a Dwarven/Elf alliance, but to have the race of men involved as well otherwise the whole of Faerun will be over-run by the Drow or Dark Ones. A big sigh escaped his lips as he tugged on the end of his beard as he spoke “Ah, the foolishness of youth now I know why you remind of one of this Great One not only in looks as well as actions. Pandar do ye not think I have tried to ask for help from not only Elves, but men as well still none have headed our call, at this point I do not believe they ever will for that matter.” As he looked at Ristelle, I also turned to him as I spoke up “Do each of you not see what will happen, first a small elven conclave here or there, then some dwarven delves soon the rest of Faerun will follow just because the races were too stubborn to help!” (wiping a hand over my face) I turned back to the King asking how many men had he lost so far he stated “We have lost almost a hundred dwarves in this last attack, and we our only 300 strong to begin with, (a look of shock over my face) so yes Pandar I will send out more runners to other Dwarven delves as well as to elves and men, but I expect no help will be forthcoming.” Answering the King I said “Why not send your people in this delve to another Dwarven delve, surely someone would help you?” As the King returned to studying his map again he looked up saying “I am sorry young Pandar, but we will not abandon our home, I already have miners going down and we are going to collapse the deep tunnels and mines, hopefully that will keep out any further attacks for now.” _Shaking my head my companions and I turned to go, but the King said _“Pandar you and your companions should look for the Great One’s, I believe ye may find the answers you seek by solving the riddle of their disappearance, they were a group of different races made of various classes of Faerun, who also believed as you and your companions do, by finding them or what happened to them you might find out about your past as well. Good luck to you all.”

We exited the King’s chamber and proceeded to go see the clerics of Moradin, maybe there we could find a clue, entering their temple we escorted to see the head priest and as our reputation seemed to have proceeded us he gave us an audience rather quickly (it also helped I was a acolyte of Moradin as well). We explained to him about King Joyan telling us to seek the Great One’s, he cast a divination spell for us saying “The answers you seek are found were we began, go back to the very beginning to the next step on your path.” Scratching our heads we thanked the priest and making a small donation on the way out of the temple we decided that since it began with the bardic gnome and myself we would go back towards the elven enclave and the drow prison we were captured in, but first we had to get supplies. As we were leaving a priest of Dumathion came up to me and said “I might be interested in his religion, the god of Keeper of Secrets under the Mountain.” I told him I was a follower of Moradin and he shrugged his shoulders saying “One never knows when a change might happen.” Still not sure what to make of that I caught up with my companions and luckily our nameless gnome companion was very good at bargaining as he arranged for supplies and such to return us back to the Elven enclave.



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